Tuesday 22 September 2009


Unfortunately this blog is ending as of today. If you tried to access it last night and this morning you'll notice it was locked. Certain things happened yesterday evening that made this more trouble than it's worth. I am going to continue blogging but not here.

To my lovely, wonderful, I-wouldn't-be-alive-today-if-not-for-you readers, email me (the address is in the sidebar) or leave a comment with an email address in, so I can tell you where the new blog is. If people who currently link to this wish to do so with the new one, all I ask of you is too wait a while, and don't say it's my new blog.

The new blog will still be public but it's going to be completely anonymous, only my old readers will know who I am.

Comments on this post will not be published, only I am going to see them.

Thank you for reading.